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Gummy Smile Treatment Cost

Gummy Smile Treatment CostMillions of Americans suffer from gummy smiles, or smiles that show a disproportionate amount of gum compared to the teeth. Many patients avoid treatment because they fear that the gummy smile treatment cost will be more than they can afford. At our gummy smile surgeon's office, this is not necessarily the case. Our gummy smile surgeon and his staff will work with you to make the cost of the treatment more manageable.

Some cosmetic dentists offer a simple fix for your gummy smile. These dentists may offer a low, flat fee for your gummy smile procedure. However, these treatments are often ineffective because each case of gummy smile is different. As a result, there is no one single treatment that can remedy all cases of gummy smile.

In order to provide lasting, aesthetically-pleasing results, he must match the treatment he provides with the cause or causes of your unique gummy smile. Because each patient requires a customized treatment plan, he cannot offer one flat gummy smile treatment cost. Instead, he performs a comprehensive evaluation in which he determines the cause or causes of your gummy smile, and then develops a treatment plan customized for your needs. After he explains the treatments, the helpful staff will explain the gummy smile treatment cost.

There is no cost and no hidden fees for your gummy smiles consultation and the treatments that can help correct the problem. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, our gummy smile surgeon and his staff provide financing options for the gummy smile treatment cost. Contact our gummy smile surgeon's office today to schedule your free consultation.

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